To the Women of Our Time-Spiritual Group by Phone

I co-created this new Spiritual Group with my dear mentor, and beloved guide and friend, Deirdre Hade. It starts Tuesday June 7th by phone, and will continue weekly. The link is below at the bottom of this message, or you can send me a message personally if you are interested.

To the Women of our Time,

We are entering into a global transformation, which has never been seen before. This global transformation is dependent upon you, to step forward with courage and strength. For our world to heal, the power of the nurturing and caring heart must stand boldly in the face of those who think that nurturing and caring is weak and unnecessary.

You must begin to see yourself as an explorer into the Universe of True Love. In order to accomplish this, there are many places in your psyche that are wounded and broken and bent, which we must heal together so you can truly be the woman of the Power of Heart.

We cannot do this alone. You need the other women. I need you. A single woman alone without her sisters, mothers, daughters, and friends is a woman of isolation. This is the despair and the depression and the cancer that is eating away upon our souls.

When do we reach out to one another? When do we look beyond judgment, beyond separation, and see our other women as co-patriots and guardians of each other’s heart?

We must learn again to be safe with one another. We must heal the wounds between us from the things we’ve said when we were ignorant. And, we must begin to build bridges amongst each other. These bridges are millions of arms that can reach around this world and hug this world. For what you have to give is the hug of wisdom, the hug of truth, the hug of caring, and the hug of a prophetess.

Look within now and see this magnificent priestess of extraordinary ability shining within you. Know that it is so right now, in this moment, and join me, and the many women who have come in wis-DOM.

Join today. Don’t wait another moment to begin to join the sacred hoop of tithing to the care of our planet.

Give your light for one month to the creation of a new Angel upon the earth. We cannot do it without your participation. You are so important –each and every one of you. Your individual light is a ray that, without, we cannot complete our mission.

Join as women of the world meet tomorrow evening to become one mighty voice for the wisdom and the understanding of what it means to bring the Shekinah, Divine Mother, the Miriam of all creation, into our world to heal, to give hope, to uplift, to give grace, to sing song, to take flight, to take root, to sprout wings, to plant fields, to harvest rapture, to taste the delight of the passion - of what it means to be a woman of wisdom.

Thank you. My heart is with you.

Many blessings,

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