there is hope ...

Thanks for landing on my meditation blog. I haven't been updating it lately; because I am busier over here on my other site, a little free-form space I set up to share smoke signals from my world up here in northwestern Wyoming. I called it "There is hope in beauty," after sitting through a dark night of soul-rollercoaster riding one night last winter. What shifted me out of that inner whirlwind was stumbling across a piece of art so simple and beautiful that it triggered a surge of hope and faith.

It unleashed, in an instant, the desire to participate in creating the world I want, not grieve about the world I don't. The feeling of this urge was so much simpler than anything I'd landed on so far in my search for understanding.... The urge to detect and create beauty, or simply to sink into the world that is around you with all your senses fully awake, is when humankind is in alignment with the divine. From that place, everything starts.

In this time of massive change and reinvention, when a lot can seem difficult or even hopeless, the most powerful driver that exists to keep us moving forward are the moments when the already-existing beauty around us is suddenly illuminated. When something in us opens, like curtains parting, and we see deeper into the ordinary reality in which we exist. The heart shudders and swoops to life; the pulse speeds up. Delight rides our circuitry like electricity round the grid. We wake.

I don't think this is hokey. It's not sentimental. It's about what happens when we—intentionally or accidentally—make contact with the invisible, benevolent force that is guiding us to something so big and so grand, we so far, can only handle glimpses. Please visit me there @ and feel free to read the content on this site, too!