Nuclear reactors and Meditation

Those of you who are connected to me on Facebook have seen my fairly frequent posts about the nuclear reactor situation in Japan. I feel very strongly about this moment; it strikes me as an extremely important time to be attuned, and not ignoring what is happening. I thought I'd take a second to reach out to you meditators to spur you all to action - through meditation, through intention, through holding the highest thoughts of positive outcome.

There is a lot of anxiety in the air, and a heavy weight of sorrow and grief. You are probably feeling it. This mood will intensify in the coming days I believe. On the one hand, I want to encourage you, now more than ever, to use your twice daily meditation to empower and stabilize yourself at a time when there is a lot of unrest and fear in the air. Take the time for it. Become settled, become clear, become calm, most of all so that your heart can stay open, and your innovation and ability to help the whole flows fast and clear. In fear and stress, we shut down those capacities, and we get rocked, and disempowered.

Secondly, what I have held on to personally in this moment is the understanding that individuals can affect outcomes and can affect the field of energy of which we are one integral part. We affect the field through our minds and through thought. We were designed this way. Ancient peoples knew this. Some today know this. But on the broad mainstream level, we have forgotten.

Many studies have shown how meditators, when they gather together to meditate, quantifiably shift the levels of violence and crime in the cities around them. They literally generate peaceful waves that ripple out to soothe the whole and change individuals' choices. Other studies show how group intentions, when focused on specific outcomes for healing or physical change, and when done in a place of least excited awareness like after meditation or prayer, show quantifiable physical change.

After all, expectation breeds reality, say the physicists. It is the law of nature; it's how reality works.

Why, then, would it not follow that when a global collective of people meditate, pray, and intend for an outcome of cooling the Japanese reactors and containing damage safely, would work?

I do believe this is what is happening now. Many of my friends, my colleagues, and my spiritual mentors are engaging in this effort, to turn their hearts and minds towards a safe resolution of this crisis, and to contain the damage and protect all sentient beings and the earth.

You can do it too. Will you? Will you meditate today; will you hold this outcome in your hearts and minds today? Know that you have an impact. You, I, we, are all facets of one wholeness. With our minds and thoughts we tug on the fabric of reality and give it shape and form. Take time for some ritual. Meditate. Pray. Create the reality we need. You are that important.

Many people on the more progressive edges are talking about this year, 2011 leading to 2012, as a time of great turbulence and, through the turbulence, a mass awakening to our connection to each other, to the earth, to the whole, and to our monumental divine nature. I know that to be true. But it's coming with a major kick in the ass.

Stay with your practice. Connect with others who do similar practices. Go to a Vedic meditation knowledge meeting. Start meditating again if you have stopped. Keep faith, hope, trust, and your will turned up to high. Because what is also coming in this time, is a massive wave of compassion and alturism. The one "global brain" of connected individuals is firing up as we realize how connected we are and pour light, attention, compassion through those pathways. (Even posting concern on Facebook is part of this). As I wrote to my Jamaican friend yesterday, the phrase that keeps coming to me is, "One Love." Ya Mon.

My One Love thoughts to you and to those in Japan, and my highest thoughts for a safe resolution and compassion in this turbulent time. We are moving towards something, but we need to stay connected to each other as we take each step. Meditate, take care of your own state of consciousness, know that it is having an effect. Watch the news: not so much you go to fear, but enough to know what is going on, and what protective measures you may need to take too. Being awake and aware means paying attention to the crude reality as well as the subtle.

Jai Guru Deva, Amely