How Can You Learn?

Learning Vedic meditation is not hard. In less than a week of ninety-minute classes, a student becomes a self-sufficient meditator, with a practice they can use for the rest of their life. It can’t be learned from a book, DVD, or late-night infomercial. The student needs an instructor in the passenger seat to guide them to the correct and subtle use of the technique. After completing the initial instruction, a student can benefit hugely from her or his teacher’s ongoing support and guidance. This helps them meet one of the challenges of meditating: getting to the point where doing it daily becomes second nature.

Those interested in learning must attend an introductory talk, to hear about the practice in full. It is free and lasts about an hour. The next talk is listed at the top of this page; please email me if you'd like to attend. Group courses can also be arranged at a place of business. Please contact me to discuss how meditation can benefit your company or organization.