Simple Truths

In reading mystic and scholar Andrew Harvey's wonderful book, 'Dialogues with a Modern Mystic,' I came across this quote. Harvey's use of words, especially when describing the mysterious realms of those things that can never adequately be described, but only experienced, are exquisite—and as close to capturing the ineffable as anyone gets. (Amongst other things, he is an expert on the sublime poetry of Sufi mystic Rumi.) This paragraph stands out in its simplicity; I expect all those with an ongoing practice will agree, his words sound somewhere deep and subtle in their bodies with the sweet ring of truth.

"It is very important to realize that there is a person inside who is not dying, who is not anxious, who doesn’t need anything, who is calm, tender, confident and far more deeply himself or herself than this bundle of contradictions and repetitions we confuse with our truth. The one way to remember this person and your origin is through a sustained and patient practice of meditation. As you learn to slowly quiet the mind, your divine identity shyly steps forward.”