Why Meditate Now?

The 21st-century environment is not gentle on any of us. In a single day, our attention is asked to process more information and stimulation than at any other point in mankind’s evolution. Our body must accommodate an avalanche of demands as it attempts to stay balanced and well. That’s why it often feels like sleep is not enough to restore us to balance: human bodies haven’t evolved as fast as the external environment has! We are capable of adapting to this ever-changing world brilliantly—after all, we only use a small percentage of our total mental potential—but we need to get set up for it. In order to flourish, not wilt, we need to balance the busyness with equal amounts of decompression time each day.

Far from being an esoteric practice or escapist indulgence, meditation serves vital and tangible purposes:
-It is a powerful preventative measure against stress-related illness like cardiovascular disease and cancer.
-It reduces anxiety, boosts creativity, and sharpens mental performance.
-It tends to normalize sleep patterns and reduce insomnia.
-It slows down the body's rate of aging significantly.
-It retrains the brain to find fulfillment within, instead of seeking it without. In so doing, meditation often results in a lessening of harmful or unsustainable behaviors.
-It aligns and connects us with our authentic self and ameliorates feelings of disconnection, longing, and lack.
Put simply, meditation allows ordinary people—those with jobs and relationships, ambitions and passions—to be more effective, more efficient, and to enjoy all the opportunities that modern living presents.